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International Shipping

International Shipping Information
We ship anywhere in the world.

You can check your delivery cost in the Shopping Cart by going to Calculate Shipping. When you click Calculate Shipping all that you need to do is use the scroll down menus to choose your Country and City and click Update Totals. Your Shipping and Handling quotes will be shown in the Cart Totals box. You do not have to add a Postcode/Zip code for International Shipping quotes to be shown.

Flat Rate Information for the Postal Rates for International Packages

  1 item
2 items
1 item
Air Mail
2 items
Air Mail
Rates for
to all
$15.00ca $22.00ca $33.00ca $50.00ca
4 up to 6 weeks
4 up to 6 weeks
In as little as
6 days (air)
In as little as
6 days (air)

1. Delivery Times are service expectation only, there are no delivery standards
2. For Canada Post delivery of 1 or 2 of our items is considered small packet service and no duties, tariffs, or other charges should be applicable once the order has arrived in your country. We are not responsible for any duties, tariffs, or other charges that may be applicable once the order has arrived in your country.
3. Delivery of parcels over 4.3 lbs. or 1.9 kg. (3 or more items) are no longer considered Small Packet mail and the postal rates will rise considerably plus you will probably be charged duties, tariffs, or other charges once the nets arrive in your country. Your best bet is to order 1 to 2 mosquito mosquito nets at a time and if you would like more sent at one time, have them sent in a different parcel(see example below).
For Example:
A customer ordered 3 white, no-see-um mosquito nets to be delivered outside of North America. We emailed them back the below;
One thing that we would like to note is that sending 3 no-see-um mosquito nets in one package is very expensive, close to $90.00us ground mail, plus any duties, tariffs or other charges, and a delivery time of 4 up to 6 weeks. The reason is that the weight and size are above the minimum amounts.

However sending 2 packages one with 2 nets and another with 1 net is much less expensive(even with International Air) and faster if you want it sent International Air mail.
To find your cost of sending 1-2 mosquito nets to outside of North America, add the number of items, cost, and delivery charge to find out how little it could be;
1 item ground $15.00 ca 4 up to 6 weeks
1 item air $33.00 ca in as little as 6 days
2 items ground $22.00 ca 4 up to 6 weeks
2 items air $50.00 ca in as little as 6 days
Result: It is less expensive to send 2 packages(This result applies anywhere in the world)
1 net in one package and 2 nets in another package sent International Air would cost $126.00 ca(cost 3 no-see-um nets) + (a total of $33.00 ca + $50.00 ca = $83.00 ca International Air) for a grand total of $209.00.00 ca with delivery time in as little as 6 days.
The total cost for 3 no-see-um nets in one package would be $126.00 ca for the nets + delivery of $90.00 ca (International Surface) equaling $216.00 ca with a delivery time of 4 up to 6 weeks. In addition it would no longer qualify as Canada Post small packet mail and duties, tariffs, or other charges could apply.

So take advantage of our inexpensive small packet delivery rates and fast times to order your mosquito net(s).

General Delivery or Poste Restante

www.MosquitoNetStore.com will send parcels General Delivery to any country in the world.
Many customers may not have a permanent address in their country or the postal service there doesn’t deliver to their address. In that case we can send the parcel General Delivery or Poste Restante. General Delivery is when a letter or parcel is delivered to a local Post Office with General Delivery(name that Post Office) and the Post Office will hold it sometimes up to 4 months. You can even arrange for them to hold any mail sent to General Delivery or they usually hold it anyway.


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