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The Mosquito Net for Baby Car Seat is white 100% polyester, fine holed mesh net with built in elastic at the bottom that fits over all sizes of baby car seats.


Product Description

The net easily wraps around the lip on the back of the baby car seat. There is a hand opening at the top of the net with a flap so that the baby car seat can be carried around with the net protecting the child.

The Baby Car Seat Mosquito Net is useful for any outdoor activity.

The fine holed mesh, 256 holes per sq in. will guard babies against Mosquitos, Black Flies, No-See-Ums, Bees, Wasps, and other unpleasant insects.

As an Adult Head Mosquito Net: The Baby Car Seat Mosquito Net may also be used as a Mosquito Net, Black Fly and No-See-Um Proof Head Net. Just place over your sun hat, tuck it into the top of your shirt, or leave it loose.

The Mosquito Net is machine washable at normal temp, but do not iron.

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