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Base Circumference: 41 ft
Height: 6.7ft
Ring diameter: 2.12ft
Weight: 1.4lb (.521kg)
Netting: 156 holes per sq. in.


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Product Description

The Traditional Net is a 100% polyester Mosquito Net with a rattan ring, mesh 156 holes per sq. in. and is suitable for all sizes of beds. It has an opening to climb in and out of bed.

The Traditional Net is a decorative item that also protects against mosquitoes. Useful for bedrooms, backyards, over picnic tables, lawn chairs, beds on porches and baby cribs. The Traditional Net, rattan ring, can be taken out for travel or hiking and the net set up without the ring.

The net is a unique gift for any occasion.

Protects against mosquitoes and other insects that cause WestNile Virus, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever, Encephalitis and other insect born diseases.

The ring at the top sets up easily on the hook supplied or on a rope. Pull ties are incorporated into the top of the net to attach to the rattan ring for setting up the net. Fasten the small hook provided to the ceiling above the centre of the bed and adjust the height of the mosquito net until the bottom-edge completely touches the floor.

To close the entrance simply lay one edge over the other. For maximum protection from mosquitoes tuck the net under the mattress at all sides.

The Traditional Net comes packaged in its own clear, plastic bag with zipper about 1.97 ft. in diameter and 1” in thickness.

The netting is machine washable at normal temperature and the rattan ring can be taken out.

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